How about a two axle Howell tank truck

What Is a Tandem Axle Truck? (with pictures)Feb 08 2021 · By applying torque to both drive axles the heavy truck is able to make a smoother start from a stopped position. This is possible by spreading the weight and torque over a larger and broader area. With both axles pulling both sets of axle-springs are flexed as the truck pulls the load into motion.500 Gallon D.O.T. Water Trailer - ABI Attachments500 Gal. 2-Axle D.O.T. GVWR: 10400 lbs. Unit Weight (Empty) 1700 lbs. Loaded Weight (w/Water) 5875 lbs. Compact Construction-Commercial Construction: Yes: 1 Axle-2 Axles: Yes: Suspension: Leaf Spring: Electric Brakes: Yes: Fenders: Yes: Brake & Tail Lights: Yes: Full Drain Tank: Yes: Custom Frame: Yes: Tire Type: Radial: Tire Specs: WH235/80/16-6/5.5 # of Lugs: 6: Frame Type: C-Channel: Hitch Type

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