5 years Howo Used buses buses can make how much money a year

How Long Do Buses and Other Transit Vehicles Last?Jan 16 2019 · If they keep their buses for 12 years then they can be expected to purchase (1000/12) 83 new buses every year. If they keep their buses for 20 years however they would only need to acquire (1000/20) 50 new buses every year. If a bus costs $500000 then they have saved their capital budget ($500000*33) $16500000 a year.How Much Does It Cost to Purchase and Operate a Bus?Jan 31 2019 · The federal government pays much of the costs for bus purchases with the rest of the funds coming from states local government agencies and local transit systems. Since there is rarely any debt service the purchase cost of a bus per year is equal to the purchase price divided by the useful life of the bus which is typically 12 years.

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